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Patient Testimonials

After putting my back out at work Luke squeezed me in. I was in agony putting on foot in front of another was impossible. Luke knew straight away what this was and after leaving the first session I felt relief and able to walk down the stairs! Looking forward to my second session to get more relief from my back. 

Carly Robinson

We cannot recommend Luke enough, he has helped our kids immensely. Our eldest daughter was born via planned c section, however how she was delivered caused her to have tighter muscles in her neck and a trapped nerve from delivery. Not only that she had terrible silent reflux and constipation. After failed GP & private consultant appointments we where told from a friend about Luke. After the first session the difference in our daughter was amazing. She was sleeping better, her neck wasn't pulling on one side, the screaming from the reflux had settled. Our youngest daughter started with colic and also had a flat area at the back of her head. We ended up in A&E with colic a few times, the crying and screaming where hard to bear. Again, first appointment with Luke it was like having a different baby. He also helped with the flat area on her head. I wish we had known about Luke sooner. I point everyone in his direction who is having issues, once they have been to see him they cannot believe the difference. All the staff are amazing. We really cannot thank him enough!! 

Mel Bullock

On my first visit to the clinic I was really struggling to do simple things like put my coat on or move the duvet in bed, however, the laser treatment has worked wonders. My arm is so much better and I have regained almost a full range of movement. Ann was caring but professional throughout my treatment and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Cold Laser Therapy. 

Ellen Stephenson

I went to see Luke in extreme pain, I could not sleep, sit or walk comfortably. I suffer from a lumbar prolapse and underwent a procedure at the Nuffield, which did not last more than a few months. After seeing my MRI scan, Luke said it was bad and it's a 50/50 chance he could help. By my third visit to Luke and Laser treatment from Ann twice a week, my recovery was nothing short of a miracle. I can sleep through the night, drive and go about my life without being consumed by debilitating pain. No words can sufficiently expres how grateful I am to both Luke and Ann for giving me my life back. 

Zeb Javed

We will forever be grateful for our patient's reviews they are our biggest compliment!

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